“At school pick-up [time], parents don’t get out of their cars to get their kids, they wail on the horn! With people and kids all around. It’s shocking, jarring, and so frustrating! I have never had so much stress and anxiety living in the city.” — Elmwood resident who previously lived in Detroit for 20 years

“[The police should] patrol more often, and issue fewer warnings — especially when they’re called regularly for complaints to the same address. The noise gets crazy, especially on weekends.” — Self-identified Latino resident of the West End

“Closing windows, going inside, going to a quieter room, earplugs, even wearing $100 noise-cancelling headphones have almost no effect because the music is so loud.” — West End resident

“The one time the police came, there were three squad cars that surrounded us like we were suspects. They suggested that the loud noise must be pizza deliveries (at 3:00 a.m.). We saw how little they cared and how little they patrolled. ‘Community Policing’ [in Providence] is a myth.” — Valley resident

“Those who apply for event permits must adhere to the legal decibel levels. They seem to think that a permit is a free pass to play music as loud as it will go. Further, no permits should allow music to be played or loudspeaker noise when the event is in a [residential] neighborhood.” — Upper … Read more

“We reported the loud music after hours and we are intimidated by noisy people and getting louder music. We are scared to complain. Noisy neighbors are acting like they are the right ones.” — Resident of Providence public housing at Bodell Avenue (Hartford)

“The fireworks are a big problem in my neighborhood. They’ve been going since the beginning of May (started occasionally) and now, every night, are very loud — the other night [we were] woken up at 3:00 a.m. Loud music on the weekend, sometimes late at night. Sometimes it’s actually “city quiet” here, but not enough. … Read more

“When there is loud music after midnight I call the police and they show up right away.” — Self-identified Latino resident of Lower South Providence

“Noise violations are so frequent in Elmwood … if I reported every time, I’d be calling daily. I’ve gotten to the point where I leave the neighborhood on weekends just to avoid the loud noise all day and into the night. It’s not the music that’s off-putting, it’s the volume of the music. The birds … Read more

“I moved from out of state and after 1.5 years I am actively trying to move out of Providence. The noise is a major factor in that decision.” — Elmwood / Upper South Providence resident