Community Noise Survey Data

The graph below shows the percentage of Providence residents exposed to various sources of noise from motor vehicles, based on data collected in our Community Noise Survey. More than 90% of survey submissions indicate recurrent exposure to at least one source of vehicle noise (and usually more than one), making it the single most-prevalent source of noise in the city.

The proposed deployment of acoustic cameras would address the two most-cited sources of vehicle noise above — “car audio” (i.e., over-amplified stereo systems) and modified mufflers.

* Survey participants can select more than one source of noise, including non-vehicle sources. “Mufflers” refers to any vehicle (including motorcycles and ATVs) with a non-compliant exhaust system. “Trucks” refers to commercial vehicles such as garbage trucks, cargo trucks, etc. “Horns” refers to vehicles using their horns while not driving (e.g., to summon people from buildings). “Sirens” refers to emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. The survey question also includes an “Other” option, where participants can describe additional sources of noise they are exposed to. Approximately 10% of them use this option to include sources of vehicle noise not reflected in the graph above because they are <1%.