The Noise Project is run entirely by volunteers from all over Providence who contribute their time, ideas, and skills to improve the health and well-being of all city residents and visitors by addressing excessive noise. Please join us! Our current program areas include:

  • Vehicle Noise — This covers mobile sources of sound, and focuses on deliberate noise from private cars, trucks, and motorcycles / ATVs. Among the primary sources are modified mufflers and over-amplified sound systems.

    It also addresses emergency vehicles (police / fire / ambulance) and some commercial trucks, highway traffic, illegal use of vehicle horns, car alarms, and other mobile sources of noise — as well as various ways to address it, such as noise cameras and regulation of muffler sales.

  • Residential Noise — This includes excessive sound levels from private and on public property (e.g., parks) including loudspeakers, fireworks, gas-fueled leafblowers and other lawncare equipment, construction / renovation outside of legal hours, and other non-commercial sources.

  • Commercial Noise — This effort seeks to ensure that licensed entertainment venues (e.g., bars, clubs, and restaurants) adhere to city noise limits, and that the Providence government consistently enforces noise regulations on businesses as well as people. It also includes commercial vehicles such as garbage and cargo trucks, and commercial landscapers.

We are also interested in public health issues (including sleep and hearing loss), the effects of noise on children, and incorporating noise issues in health and environmental education.

To volunteer, please fill out and submit the form below