The Noise Project is run entirely by volunteers from all over Providence who contribute their time, ideas, and skills to improve the health and quality-of-life of all city residents and visitors by addressing excessive noise. Please join us! Our current program areas include:

  • Commercial Noise — This effort seeks to ensure that licensed entertainment venues (e.g., bars, clubs, and restaurants) adhere to city noise limits, and that the Providence government consistently enforces noise regulations on businesses as well as people. We hope to expand its scope to include commercial vehicles such as garbage trucks and cargo / delivery vehicles.
  • Residential Noise — This includes noise from non-commercial property including fireworks, loudspeakers, gas-fueled leafblowers and other lawncare equipment, construction / renovation, and other sources. Residentially-zoned areas of the city have lower noise limits than commercial or public zones, and those regulations should be observed and enforced.
  • Vehicle Noise — This covers mobile sources of excessive sound, and focuses on noise deliberately generated by private cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs. Among the sources are modified mufflers, over-amplified stereos, vehicle horns, emergency-vehicle sirens, and other unnecessary output.

To volunteer, please let us know the issue(s) you’d like to address, the neighborhood you live or work in, and any particular background skills that would lend themselves to our activities.

We are always looking for residents with experience in public health, urban policy, grassroots activism, non-profit administration and fundraising, law and legislation, acoustics / sound engineering, and other related disciplines and professions.