Leafblower letter to policymakers

Below is a sample letter that Providence / RI residents can send to local and state policymakers, asking themto sponsor or support legislation and policies to limit the adverse health and environmental effects of gas-powered leafblowers and other landscaping tools. Subject line (if e-mail): Please take action to regulate leafblowers Dear [Mayor / City Councilmember … Read more

2022 Primary Election Endorsements

The Noise Project sent a two-page survey regarding noise issues to all three candidates for Providence mayor, as well as all of the ballot-qualified candidates for City Council (including incumbents / those running unopposed). Below are our endorsements in the primary election. After much deliberation, we split our endorsement for mayor between City Council member Nirva LaFortune and … Read more

Providence’s 2016 Dike Street Area Plan

In May 2016, the Providence Planning Department convened a group of local stakeholders to discuss plans to upgrade the infrastructure around what it calls the Dike Street Area — roughly defined as the area south of Olneyville Square bounded by Plainfield Street / Westminster Street and Routes 6 and 10. One of the issues that … Read more