“The fireworks are a big problem in my neighborhood. They’ve been going since the beginning of May (started occasionally) and now, every night, are very loud — the other night [we were] woken up at 3:00 a.m. Loud music on the weekend, sometimes late at night. Sometimes it’s actually “city quiet” here, but not enough. … Read more

“I moved from out of state and after 1.5 years I am actively trying to move out of Providence. The noise is a major factor in that decision.” — Elmwood / Upper South Providence resident

“I lived in central Paris in Spring [2022], and the noise there came nowhere close to the level of disruptive noise in Providence. The street noise — motorcycles, unregulated car engines, I-95 — here is deafening. Add to that the summer rock concerts, college parties, and of course insufferable fireworks, and this is the noisiest … Read more

“Highway noise, especially loud exhausts, [and] idling cars nearby with loud modified exhausts, which is more aggravating because they sit there for 20 minutes, especially in winter. Also, music from the Bold Point Park concert venue all summer is anxiety provoking, especially the pounding bass drum and bass guitar.” — Fox Point resident

“It’s so frustrating that nothing seems to be done about noise pollution. I’ve lived in big cities all around the world — in California, Germany, England, and the Czech Republic — and I have never heard so much noise pollution in my life.” — Fox Point resident

“I live close to a fire station and close to Broad Street, so I hear emergency vehicle sirens; however, I think they’re used appropriately and have no complaints as this is part of city life. The fireworks and loud cars / off-road dirt bikes are more of an issue because they are noisy (anxiety inducing) … Read more

“I am worried about my neighbors being hurt by police violence, but sometimes the fireworks / music is so much, I break down and call the non-emergency police number — though they don’t do anything! I wish there was an effective, non-police resource to address this.” — Charles resident