“It’s not just noise, it’s the vibrations from … big speakers placed on the ground so there is a constant, low vibration felt. There is no getting away from it. If from a car, the walls vibrate. There are noise ordinances in place. Enforce them, make fines stricter. If the people are renters, landlords should be involved. Tenants that are repeat offenders should be fined along with landlords, so it acts as a deterrent. My frustration comes because the city takes too passive an approach. We don’t need more committees. To do what — tell us what we already know? Residents already know the problem. … Enforce (or make stricter) existing laws. Hit people where it hurts (their wallets). We continue to have these problems because nothing is actually done. Listen to residents when they complain (and stop having City Council meetings early in the day when people work and can’t attend) … If you’re going to allow bars in residential neighborhoods, then enforce noise ordinances / laws.”
— Self-identified African-American / black West End resident