“I have a two year old daughter who says, ‘Mommy, too loud.’ We sleep in the basement, call the police hoping they will give a citation [after repeatedly going to] the same house, but they don’t. Then this makes us more anxious and frustrated that we can’t get help. They do not take loud noise seriously. We have to get rid of the 200-foot noise ordinance. Maybe this will help the police be able to give out tickets.

Police do not arrive with decibel readers, but they can hear the noise for blocks and do nothing. Change the noise ordinance to make sense for a city where houses are close to each other. … We are talking concert-style bass thumping music, not just a neighbor playing quiet music in their yard. This needs to be taken seriously. I love to sleep with my windows open in the summer. My baby needs to sleep peacefully at night and during the day.”

— Self-identified Latina resident of the North End