“Between the four incessantly barking dogs on my block, the subwoofers from the many cars that drive around my area and idle on my street with their subwoofer on blast as they lay on the horn for whoever they are waiting for, as well as my neighbor who has get togethers on the sidewalk directly across from my house [that] involve putting commercial-sized industrial speakers and subwoofers on top of his parked car and running the power into them from his house — I am losing my mind. All I want is to rest without my walls shaking. I can’t even hear music from the cars — I hear the loud and disorienting bass through my floors, windows, and walls. It’s like they turn the bass up to overpower the music. What is the point? During the day, at night, after midnight — it’s constant. And with zero repercussions. … I feel as though my representatives and my city show to no regard for constituents. … I don’t understand why we are not consistently fining [those responsible] for these horrid frequent ‘booms’ rolling through the streets. It is hell. I love my home and my neighborhood. I don’t want to move and shouldn’t have to. Especially when chances are that I’ll face these issues at another house, since I already has faced this at my last apartment in Federal Hill. It’s everywhere. I’ve lived in New York City, and this is worse in terms of noise levels.”
— Olneyville resident