“Excessive speeding on our street, loud mufflers purposely installed, lots of revving … You can’t get away from it.” — College Hill resident

“The two major noise sources are excessively loud motorcycles / cars and leafblowers and weed whackers. Construction noise and loud beeping trucks are annoying, but it’s a temporary and necessary situation.” — College Hill resident

“Emergency vehicles should be more judicious when they use their sirens. Sirens at 3:00 a.m. are not necessary!!!!” — Wayland resident

“Tenants in my building have moved out because of … the noise from garbage and delivery trucks (full-size tractor trailers) that use parking lots abutting our building to access local restaurants / stores.” — Wayland Square resident

“At school pick-up [time], parents don’t get out of their cars to get their kids, they wail on the horn! With people and kids all around. It’s shocking, jarring, and so frustrating! I have never had so much stress and anxiety living in the city.” — Elmwood resident who previously lived in Detroit for 20 years

“A large van with a massive sound system shows up on the street blasting music for hours at a time, and about 50–100 cars and people follow them. It is definitely organized, [though] I’m not sure … how people are made aware of it. I’ve called the police every time, along with my neighbors, and … Read more

“Why can we hear sirens from North Main Street all the way on the other side of Mt Hope? … They operate as if they are driving through the middle of Manhattan and need to generate a signal that can be detected above a heavy-noise background. … [It’s] overkill for a neighborhood like Mt. Hope. … Read more

“Noise cameras! Issue tickets to obvious noise offenders with ear-deafening loud cars and motorcycles.” — Fox Point resident

“Please let me know what I can do! It’s terrible here now. I want to leave.” — Fox Point resident

“Closing windows, going inside, going to a quieter room, earplugs, even wearing $100 noise-cancelling headphones have almost no effect because the music is so loud.” — West End resident