“Noise cameras! Issue tickets to obvious noise offenders with ear-deafening loud cars and motorcycles.” — Fox Point resident

“Please let me know what I can do! It’s terrible here now. I want to leave.” — Fox Point resident

“Closing windows, going inside, going to a quieter room, earplugs, even wearing $100 noise-cancelling headphones have almost no effect because the music is so loud.” — West End resident

“Like the cameras for speeding, we need cameras and microphones to target noise and ticket offenders.” — Upper South Providence resident

“Every night I hear people driving by with their windows down blasting awful music because they think they are so cool. I don’t remember the last night I haven’t heard some jackass doing this, and it is usually 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. It wakes me up frequently even when I wear headphones.” — Federal … Read more

“The fireworks are a big problem in my neighborhood. They’ve been going since the beginning of May (started occasionally) and now, every night, are very loud — the other night [we were] woken up at 3:00 a.m. Loud music on the weekend, sometimes late at night. Sometimes it’s actually “city quiet” here, but not enough. … Read more

“I have been very surprised by the amount of noise since moving to Providence last year and highly affected. I had no idea about the health perspective and the way in which residents are affected systemically in Providence. I recently moved to a new house with higher rent in a different neighborhood in large part … Read more

“People who honk instead of texting a person to come out or ringing a doorbell – how can we get them to stop? A neighbor was running a daycare out of her house where all the parents honked for their kids, while waking up my napping baby … and just being so disruptive and distracting. … Read more

“[We have made] many ignored / unanswered requests for speed bumps on Killingly Street, which is used like a drag strip at night. We have good laws; we have no enforcement, at least around here” — Valley resident

“I moved from out of state and after 1.5 years I am actively trying to move out of Providence. The noise is a major factor in that decision.” — Elmwood / Upper South Providence resident