“Uphold the rule that garbage trucks cannot operate at unreasonable hours [5:00 a.m.]” — Wayland Square resident

Responses to the Noise Project’s Community Noise Survey Q: How do you feel when you notice noise? A: Afraid to even go to my bedroom. Q: Do you do things to try to avoid noise? A: Take sleeping pills. — Self-identified Latino resident of South Providence

“Every night I hear people driving by with their windows down blasting awful music because they think they are so cool. I don’t remember the last night I haven’t heard some jackass doing this, and it is usually 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. It wakes me up frequently even when I wear headphones.” — Federal … Read more

“I don’t know who to contact and don’t feel anything can be done to change it. It has become a sad fact of my existence that has negatively impacted my anxiety, stress, and irritability levels.” — Downtown resident at Memorial and Westminster Streets

“I have been very surprised by the amount of noise since moving to Providence last year and highly affected. I had no idea about the health perspective and the way in which residents are affected systemically in Providence. I recently moved to a new house with higher rent in a different neighborhood in large part … Read more

“I can’t tell you how horrible this is. People in our building leave during special events. We have a decibel meter and it has registered up to 125 dB with the windows closed. Friday to Sunday nights we can’t sleep, and the club downstairs is always loud. They’re supposed to have their windows shut, but … Read more

“Loud thumping bass music occurs for hours into the early morning. I’m writing this at 4:00 a.m. because LOUD deep bass music that I cannot seem to locate has been going on since before 10:00 pm and has woken me up. This occurred every Saturday, and many Thursdays and Fridays last summer. … Summit neighborhood … Read more

“The dirtbikes and cars without mufflers wake me up every single night. I have not slept through the night since moving here.” — Fox Point resident

“What’s being done about cars blaring their music all hours? Police should be enforcing [noise limits], it is the worst form of noise pollution. People have to keep their windows closed in summer/spring and even then can’t sleep. You can hear the sound rattle windows.” — West End resident

“Bars and restaurants close at 2:00 a.m. and rowdy folks empty out into the streets. I am constantly woken up by these folks.” — Federal Hill resident