“I have a two year old daughter who says, ‘Mommy, too loud.’ We sleep in the basement, call the police hoping they will give a citation [after repeatedly going to] the same house, but they don’t. Then this makes us more anxious and frustrated that we can’t get help. They do not take loud noise … Read more

“Noise is like any other pollution (i.e., air, water). It is unhealthy. It is the responsibility of our government to improve this important quality-of-life situation.” — College Hill resident

“Our City Council member responds. Police rarely do. The problem remains the same. Decibel readings from 85 dB (often) to over 110 dB (rarely). Temporarily close bars and restaurants down that exceed noise levels; [cite] illegal vehicles more frequently. I may be the oldest [resident] in our building, but a lot of people younger than … Read more

“I often heard noise that disrupted my life. It was outrageously loud and went on until the wee hours. Nightclubs and restaurants with live music inside and doors open, or outside on performance stages, were incredibly loud and could be heard — even though they’re a long way away — starting in late afternoon and … Read more

“Noise pollution is a serious condition in Providence (and many cities). It is unfortunate that on a Sunday morning in summer, for example, one cannot enjoy a quiet morning outdoors listening to the birds without noise interruptions. Even more serious is noise intruding on life indoors. This is a serious quality-of-life issue in Providence.” — … Read more