“It’s so stressful that I don’t know if I can deal with it for the remaining 6 months of my lease. It’s really affecting my quality of life.” — Self-identified African-American downtown resident

Responses to the Noise Project’s Community Noise Survey Q: How do you feel when you notice noise? A: Afraid to even go to my bedroom. Q: Do you do things to try to avoid noise? A: Take sleeping pills. — Self-identified Latino resident of South Providence

“I don’t know who to contact and don’t feel anything can be done to change it. It has become a sad fact of my existence that has negatively impacted my anxiety, stress, and irritability levels.” — Downtown resident at Memorial and Westminster Streets

“I have been very surprised by the amount of noise since moving to Providence last year and highly affected. I had no idea about the health perspective and the way in which residents are affected systemically in Providence. I recently moved to a new house with higher rent in a different neighborhood in large part … Read more

“Noise violations are so frequent in Elmwood … if I reported every time, I’d be calling daily. I’ve gotten to the point where I leave the neighborhood on weekends just to avoid the loud noise all day and into the night. It’s not the music that’s off-putting, it’s the volume of the music. The birds … Read more

“I lived in central Paris in Spring [2022], and the noise there came nowhere close to the level of disruptive noise in Providence. The street noise — motorcycles, unregulated car engines, I-95 — here is deafening. Add to that the summer rock concerts, college parties, and of course insufferable fireworks, and this is the noisiest … Read more

“What’s being done about cars blaring their music all hours? Police should be enforcing [noise limits], it is the worst form of noise pollution. People have to keep their windows closed in summer/spring and even then can’t sleep. You can hear the sound rattle windows.” — West End resident

“The best way to experience the pounding noise would be to come to Parkside Drive on a sunny day after 2:00 p.m., especially on a Saturday or Sunday. It sounds like Roger Williams Park is the Wild West of noise.” — South Elmwood resident

“Gas-powered leafblowers should be abolished for several reasons — pollution and noise. Also, some developers are negatively impacting formerly peaceful neighborhoods by purchasing homes and creating ‘mini-dorms’ when there are actually laws in place that could prevent this. They make huge profits, while students wind up spending just as much rent and the peaceful enjoyment … Read more

“Unable to sleep in the morning due to leafblowers. Unable to sleep at night (in summer) because of people driving up and down with blaring music. Motorcycles revving up and down the street. Friday night music on weekend nights down at India Point Park or wherever (East Providence) carrying up by the river. Also I … Read more