“A large van with a massive sound system shows up on the street blasting music for hours at a time, and about 50–100 cars and people follow them. It is definitely organized, [though] I’m not sure … how people are made aware of it. I’ve called the police every time, along with my neighbors, and … Read more

“As Mayor, I will work with the City Council and residents to thoroughly understand the level of noise in our city and develop a plan to address it, which includes increased enforcement of existing policies and ordinances.” — Mayoral candidate Brett Smiley, in response to the Noise Project’s survey of all three candidates in Providence’s … Read more

“[The police should] patrol more often, and issue fewer warnings — especially when they’re called regularly for complaints to the same address. The noise gets crazy, especially on weekends.” — Self-identified Latino resident of the West End

“We’ve complained for a long time. We’re known to complain. We complain for others as well. Nothing is done. I’m not giving my name or email, because it’s useless. We’re still trying to move out of PVD. A lot of people we know already have. The whole system is a mess.” — Resident (for now) … Read more

“Like the cameras for speeding, we need cameras and microphones to target noise and ticket offenders.” — Upper South Providence resident

“The one time the police came, there were three squad cars that surrounded us like we were suspects. They suggested that the loud noise must be pizza deliveries (at 3:00 a.m.). We saw how little they cared and how little they patrolled. ‘Community Policing’ [in Providence] is a myth.” — Valley resident

“I don’t know who to contact and don’t feel anything can be done to change it. It has become a sad fact of my existence that has negatively impacted my anxiety, stress, and irritability levels.” — Downtown resident at Memorial and Westminster Streets

“Those who apply for event permits must adhere to the legal decibel levels. They seem to think that a permit is a free pass to play music as loud as it will go. Further, no permits should allow music to be played or loudspeaker noise when the event is in a [residential] neighborhood.” — Upper … Read more

“We reported the loud music after hours and we are intimidated by noisy people and getting louder music. We are scared to complain. Noisy neighbors are acting like they are the right ones.” — Resident of Providence public housing at Bodell Avenue (Hartford)

“When there is loud music after midnight I call the police and they show up right away.” — Self-identified Latino resident of Lower South Providence