“Uphold the rule that garbage trucks cannot operate at unreasonable hours [5:00 a.m.]” — Wayland Square resident

“I’m someone who works all day in Providence, but I don’t live here. My run-ins with the [leafblowers] are at lunch. I’d love for the city to stop [allowing] them all together. It’s a sick mix of noise, pollution, habitat / animal destruction, and for what? Someone’s instant gratification at seeing a ‘clean’ sidewalk?” — … Read more

“Noise affects my hearing, mood, and health. The street is quiet otherwise, but leafblowers and to some extent other lawncare activities are unbearable — a few neighbors use landscaping services, and it seems like every day for months they start early in the morning and go for hours.” — Resident at Vassar and Elmgrove Streets

“I have been very surprised by the amount of noise since moving to Providence last year and highly affected. I had no idea about the health perspective and the way in which residents are affected systemically in Providence. I recently moved to a new house with higher rent in a different neighborhood in large part … Read more

“I moved from out of state and after 1.5 years I am actively trying to move out of Providence. The noise is a major factor in that decision.” — Elmwood / Upper South Providence resident

“I love hearing the fabric of the neighborhood. When some neighbors take it too far and are extremely loud for extended periods of time, they are borrowing from my own peace. I needed to redecorate my house so that I had bookshelves and thick canvas on any exterior walls to try and create a noise … Read more

“I lived in central Paris in Spring [2022], and the noise there came nowhere close to the level of disruptive noise in Providence. The street noise — motorcycles, unregulated car engines, I-95 — here is deafening. Add to that the summer rock concerts, college parties, and of course insufferable fireworks, and this is the noisiest … Read more

“Throughout my campaign [for mayor], I have heard what a problem sound is in our city. Whether it is loud nightclubs, modified mufflers, or ATVs — we need to do a better job of respecting and enforcing our own sound rules. This budget increases enforcement, technology, and the training that our staff needs, and will hopefully … Read more

“I can’t tell you how horrible this is. People in our building leave during special events. We have a decibel meter and it has registered up to 125 dB with the windows closed. Friday to Sunday nights we can’t sleep, and the club downstairs is always loud. They’re supposed to have their windows shut, but … Read more

“Bars and restaurants close at 2:00 a.m. and rowdy folks empty out into the streets. I am constantly woken up by these folks.” — Federal Hill resident