“Emergency vehicles should be more judicious when they use their sirens. Sirens at 3:00 a.m. are not necessary!!!!” — Wayland resident

“Tenants in my building have moved out because of … the noise from garbage and delivery trucks (full-size tractor trailers) that use parking lots abutting our building to access local restaurants / stores.” — Wayland Square resident

“Why can we hear sirens from North Main Street all the way on the other side of Mt Hope? … They operate as if they are driving through the middle of Manhattan and need to generate a signal that can be detected above a heavy-noise background. … [It’s] overkill for a neighborhood like Mt. Hope. … Read more

“As soon as the [the weather gets warm] the dirt bikes come out. From College Hill you can hear the bikes make loops from Thayer Street to Gano Street to the highway and South Main. It sounds like you are sitting inside a race track. It’s time to move from proving that there’s a noise … Read more